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    Dromeas Yachts Ibiza

    Ibiza Boat Service is an full service nautical company. More than 20 years ago the company started as a specialist in the repair and maintenance of boats. This is still the backbone of the company. To serve our customers in the best way, the company also offers other services, such as yacht brokerage, rental & charter, mooring service and Ibiza Boat Service has added several (exclusive) dealerships to make the company an ‘one stop shop’ for the customers.

    We are proud to present Dromeas Yachts as the latest edition to our portfolio. Dromeas Yachts created a range of boats with all necessities, in practical design for every adventure, engineered for every element and environment without compromising on the luxuries of life. A perfect boat-range for the Mediterranean.

    Ibiza Boat Service is the exclusive dealer of this exciting brand on the island!


    Ibiza Boat Service
    Carre Río Grande 69, bajo 1-B
    IBIZA (Balearics)

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